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Hire me to:
  • Emcee Your Event. I can host your fundraising dinner, awards ceremony, concert, clog-dancing tribute - really anything. Over the years, I've emceed cultural showcases, softball league award ceremonies, fashion shows, and my fave, karaoke!  I'm good at ad-libbing, and enjoy meeting new people!
  • Write Something:  I have been a freelance writer for many years and can research and write about virtually any non-math related topic. I have even written the odd wedding speech. Basically, will write for money. You can see some of my writing under the FEATURED section of this site. 
  • Make you a hoop:  Or teach you how to make one for yourself!  I am OBSESSED with hula hooping.  And now, Long Story Short, sells custom hoops, and hosts hooping parties. HOOP IT UP with me.
  • Inspire you. (Or at least make you laugh.):  I've given oodles of speeches with themes around celebrating life, making the most of each moment, and enjoying the journey. Usually I don't cry so that's a plus! See WHERE I'LL BE SPEAKING NEXT.
  • Take You Exploring:  Check out the 'TOURS' page.  I’m in love with Saint George's and can take you on the best adventures in my little towne. 
Come say 'Hi'! 
Come visit me in my SHOP, Long Story Short, for a super-dope collection of gifts and books.  Soon, you'll be able to shop online! And by 'soon' I mean when I become a technological wizard so probs never.