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More Schtuff.


April 2, 2016




Woman looks around her, hand raised to her mouth in shock and horror as she surveys the devastation.  Tears come to her eyes, scanning back and forth, taking in the scene, and then rest on a figure.  Her jaw hardens as she points a shaking finger.


‘You… you did this. How could you?  Why?  No. I know why.  You are a lowly thief. Taking what isn’t yours.  Destroying what others have worked so hard to build.  Shamelessly devouring beauty and life.  I am yet another victim of your greed, your gluttony.


But know this. (A knowing smirk stretches across her face and she reaches into her pocket.)


I will feel nothing as I kill you, as I drive this knife into you, as I crush you.  I couldn’t bring myself to do it before, even though I knew you couldn’t be trusted.  I foolishly believed, well, hoped, that it wouldn’t come to this.  But there could be no other end.  We have been on this path since first we met.


So now you will die.  Yes, you will.  And then, I am coming for your kin. That’s right.  I vow today that your children, and your children’s children, and your children’s children’s children will feel my wrath and be punished for the ruin that you have wrought. 


(She raises her fists to the sky and screams.)


I will hunt them all down, every single one. I will not rest.  Will not stop.   Until all are destroyed.  Every. Single. One. For goodness cannot exist while you are allowed to live.


And after my rampage, I will leave your carcasses to rot, right here.  Every time I step over your oozing remnants, it will be a reminder that I shall never again allow kindness and mercy, as your sort will treat it as a weakness.  Never again will I allow myself to feel anything but contempt for what you are, what you have always been.  Never again will I see my blood, sweat and tears reduced to rubble. 


Never.  Again.”




Tentatively titled, “Cracked Shells: A Snail Massacre” or “Retribution”. 





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