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More Schtuff.

In case you missed it.... April 2017 Highlights

May 1, 2017



I been posting... I been posting 

Some of my best schtuff is on Facebook - it's sad,  it's funny, it's political... basically I'm dropping pure gems over there.  


Check out what you might have missed.










Fashion Revolution Week

"Four years ago today, the Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over 1100 people and injuring another 2500."

April 24




The Rick Olson Restaurant Boycott

April 12





#collaborativelimerick #theberkeleyinstitute

April 8







Ethical Fashion with Fame & Partners

"People are often suprised to find out that I'm not a big shopper... I definitely shop, but I don't go on shopping trips, I don't shop in malls, I cannot spend lots of time shopping (or in one store! Let's make a decision and get to the bar 😫)"

April 10





Me + Nomadness

"Nomadness is a community of over 16k super engaged folks... they inspire and educate each other about traveling the world. The vast majority, 80+%, are black women."

April 8-10


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