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More Schtuff.

And a view of the harbour.

November 21, 2017

Back in 2013, I said in this interview that my dream house was ‘in St. George’s… a house with large porches, and a view of the harbour.’  And last weekend, we moved into this very home. 


Those who know me are well aware that saving money is not my strong suit!  So of course, it is my husband that made this possible.  He works hard - late hours, weekends, on our vacations - and has been an incredible provider throughout our relationship.


We believe as well, that there is so much to be said about opening yourself up to the wonder and opportunity the universe is waiting to provide, and speaking life into your dreams. 


In 2012, a year before this article, we bought a bookstore, very cheaply and on a whim.  Neither of us had any retail experience.  I had so many hopes for our little shop, and we put a not insignificant bit of money into it, but it didn’t worked out like I’d planned.


As much as I loved my store, I felt like a failure. 


But… it occurred to me during this surreal time of moving into our spectacularly gorgeous home, that it is extremely unlikely we would have the life we do, including this house, without the bookstore.


Our St. George’s community of friends is full of other business owners that I only know because of the bookstore. One of these sold us this new home in an arrangement that was only possible because we are friends.  Dueane and I are godparents to a beautiful little girl, whose parents own the store beside ours.  The owner of another neighbouring store has become one of my best friends, and partner in adventures.


Earlier this year, we discussed closing the store, but then I had a clear vision, and decided that after four years of working for my man Saint George, I was now going to focus on myself – my shop, my writing, my passions, my ideas.  And, it was my tribe – these other business owners - that helped me to see what was possible. I’ve been working to make it happen, and the store reopens this week with an entirely new energy. (Another blog post coming soon!)  


2018 promises to be full of new adventure - settling into our new home and building a business that will be one of the best in Bermuda.  I am ever-thankful for my incredible husband, and our community of family and friends, especially those that make our lives in St George’s even more amazing. 


I stay full of gratitude for a life that I feel has been specially blessed and chosen for me by the seas, the sun, the stars, and the skies ... knowing that what is for me is for me, what is for us is for us.










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