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My Quest for Ultimate Magicalhood

January 22, 2018

Last year was pretty freakin' wonderful. Loved my job. Loved my husband ALL year [and no that doesn't happen every year ...if you're married you know what I'm talking about]. Had an INSANEEEEEE summer. Upgraded my store. Then we moved into a spectacular home that I conjured up from my wildest dreams. 


I decided that in order to follow it up, and ensure 2018 would be uber wonderful, I'd have to FINALLY get started on the projects I've been dreaming up - projects that are all about pushing towards my Big Hairy Audacious Goals of becoming a published writer + being on and writing for film and television. 


The projects forthwith:

  • A scripted re/reality show based in St George's called 'Town(e)' 

  • Another video series called Long Story Short that highlights my favorite food, shopping, tours here in the East End, something like THIS.

  • My manuscript of creative non-fiction memoir-esque short stories

  • A Hoop Troupe (Bermuda Day Parade!) - nothing to do with BHAGs, but it involves more hooping sooo... a must.

  • plus DIY projects, emcee gigs, social enterprise initiatives, more store and tour amazement... 



BUT there's this wee little monster that is looming over me. 


My health and fitness has really SUFFERED. And by suffered I mean I drank and ate them into oblivion. I ate all the things and gained all the weight.  Not good. 


I can't be my best at ANY of that stuff (see above), while I'm feeling BLEH. And looking MEH.  

I want to have as much fun as I did last year, but be more active, mindful, and ambitious.  For, 2018 I need to be more balanced and work towards being my most #blackgirlmagic self. 


So… I’ve decided to scour my instagram, youtube and facebook feeds for  black women who are handing out amazing advice and living fab lives in the areas of health, wellness, spirituality, goal-chasing, sex, style, cooking – women who I find magical and inspiring. Instead of just staring at them from afar and wondering how they got to be so dope, I’m going to take their advice! 


Each week (ish), I’ll take on a new challenge a new quest on my journey to ultimate magicalhood.  And I'm inviting you to join in!  


a) Recommend a dope black woman from whom we can glean a weekly challenge.




b) Email me, and say you want to join! Each week (ish), I'll email the next challenge and link you to the inspiring MBG (magical black girl) that we'll be emulating. 




c) Just put a message of encouragement in the comments


So that's it!


I'm excited!


Let's go...


ps... First, a recap of 2017, and a visual of why this reboot is oh-so-necessary.






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