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Challenge 1: Detox

January 30, 2018

Okay... so you all saw my 2017 recap video.  Must. Lose. Weight.


Soooo... before I jumped into healthy eating and getting my workouts back on track, I REALLY wanted to do a cleanse and magical black girl Nicole Graves says that a juice fast is the way to go. She did a 60-day juice fast, detailed on her website, 'The Sweeter the Juice' (best name EVER!), and there are tons of resources and recipes, and even a program you can download.  But I was excited to try my yoga teacher Mel's juices! (i.e., I am too dang lazy and already have too many appliances.) 


Mel has been making and selling juices for a while, and I've had a few, but the detox would be far more than a few. No, not 60 days worth... #notaboutthatlife.  But THREE WHOLE DAYS of just juice!  That sounds piddling compared to Nicole's ting dem, but I knew it would be a challenge for my wine drinking, food loving self. 

Somehow I convinced Dueane to do it with me, and so... here's the recap! 


And If you would like find out more about the juices, yoga or homeopathy services, contact Mel Dupres.  And yes, she's a magical black girl too!




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