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Food, glorious food

March 14, 2018

I LOVE food.  LOVE IT.  Like insane. You all saw my video recap of 2017 right?



Soooo yeah, I eat and drink a lot.  


What better way to incorporate all that eating and drinking, than with a food tour?! 


It all actually started last summer with an international conference group visiting Bermuda. They split up into small groups to have various touring experiences, and my group was going to bring a 'lunch box' from their vacation property, one of the island's more expensive resorts.  When I found out it was going to cost $49 PLUS GRATS, I said... nah bruv. We can eat all over towne for that!


And so I incorporated food into my bicycle history tour.  And here we are!


Read more about it in the Royal Gazette


























You all mahzwell join me



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