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Eat Good Food. Help Dominica.

June 25, 2018


On, Saturday, July 14, I'd like you join me for an amazing dinner at Tempest Bistro. If you follow me on Instagram (duh, of course you do), you'll know that I eat here all the time.  The food is bananas, the wine list extensive, the butter both sweet and salty (seriously it is) - it's one of Bermuda's best restaurants.  

This dinner, however, is about more than just a well meal.


Last year, on September 18, I received videos from my friend Michael in Dominica showing Hurricane Maria arriving. "She is here," he said, "but the winds have not picked up yet."


Hours later, I saw that it had been a direct hit from Maria, a Category 5, and didn't hear from Michael for another week. His home, and his neighbourhood had been destroyed. 


And here we are now, almost 10 months later. While electricity has returned to many areas, Michael's is still out. Building materials are hard to come by. This article from New York Times paints a sharp picture of an island that will be undergoing recovery for possibly years to come.


After discussing this with Tempest, they generously agreed to host a dinner, with full proceeds to go to Morne Prosper Town Council. Michael is the president of this group that is working to rebuild their tiny community of 600 people. 


The menu is Caribbean-inspired and amazing. Tickets are $150 and include a welcome cocktail (7pm), 4 course dinner (8pm), post dinner DJ (11ish), and gratuities. Best of all, you'll get to hang out with me!


I hope you will come out for this fun night out and help to raise money for our brothers and sisters in Dominica. You can get tickets on Premier Tickets (and a big thank you to them for waiving their admin fee!). Email me for any information.  And please... spread the word!  


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