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January 26, 2017


When I received the email saying I'd been selected as one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of Bermuda for 2016, I laughed, and was like nope. Fascinating? That seemed too huge a word for me. And I didn't want to open myself up to people saying, 'She's not fascinating.' 


People for some reason think I am brave, but most of the time, I live in a lovely bubble, where the people inside constantly empower each other and tell each other we are wonderful! In this bubble are my family, my friends, communities of uplifting women. Outside the bubble, people might be saying whatever... but I'm none the wiser 😂 A less than courageous way to live? Maybe... but it's better than reading online anonymous comments, dissecting every 'dislike', being stopped on the street and yelled at. Been there and I did not enjoy. 


Saying yes was all down to Dueane. My husby thought it made absolute sense that I was asked to be part of this feature, that it would be silly to opt out. He assured me that he thinks I'm fascinating "... so really, if other people don't... what does it matter?"


He is my brave. 


So here I am, celebrating 2016 which brought me Black Girl Magic, a new job, a second year of Haunted History, a love of hula hooping, my son's graduation, more adventures with Shosh, some amazing travel experiences, my website and commitment to writing, and oodles of reasons to feel darn right fascinating. 


Watch the video below and read the article on Bernews here




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