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© 2015 Kristin Dot Com


Hiya! I’m Kristin.

I live on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic called Bermuda, about 800 miles from North Carolina. (If you know of us beyond the shorts and Triangle, sorry for that unnecessary Geography lesson!) It is indeed a paradise. And on this wee rock, there is a magical, small, old town, over 400 years old in fact… and that’s where I live, The Town of St. George’s. Most of my passion right now is focused here, on showing others the wonderment in our winding cobbled alleys and historic tales. I save the balance of passion for talking with my friends and family about social justice, job creation, climate change, politics and magic.  


And I love stories.


I tell and sell stories – as a store owner, writer, tourism consultant, tour guide, public speaker, talk show host, emcee and as the scriptwriter, producer and actor of a ghost tour. 

What else do I love?​

  • swimming (especially in the moonlight),

  • riding my pedal bike Shoshanna,

  • hula hooping

  • stretching in Happy Baby (best yoga pose ever),

  • dancing to soca,

  • drinking copious amounts of wine,

  • vibing with the Women of The T Talk Show

  • reading about growing vegetables,

  • re-watching Harry Potter,

  • spending weekends in Brooklyn,

  • planning bonfires,

  • hanging out at Long Story Short,

  • wasting time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • dancing with my dog Brandi while thinking about how much my cat Torres does not love me,

  • helping my young adult son plan for his future,

  • and being as good a wife as my nature will allow


Additionally as I’m now in my mid-thirties, I have decided to add ‘no longer hiding my thighs’ and ‘writing even more’ to that list. I may write more about no longer hiding my thighs. Stay tuned.

ps. I'm incredibly fascinating​ and one of the Best in Bermuda. And uber humble.

pps. Wanna know where to find me speaking, touring, and being fabulous?  Check out GIGS. Eager to book me for your own events? Of course you are. Head on over to CONNECT. That's where the magic happens.